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Many Hands for Malawi

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In 2017, contributions from generous Packathon sponsors and volunteers made it possible for us to pack and ship over 356,000 meals to Puerto Rico and Dominica as aid to those suffering the effects of Hurricane Maria. 

On November 9-11, 2018, more than 1,000 volunteers will work toward a goal of packing another 350,000 meals. This year, we are excited announce a new initiative in our partnership with Children of the Nations and their sustainability programs in Malawi.

 Photo courtesy of Children of the Nations

Photo courtesy of Children of the Nations

Malawi, AFrica

Malawi, Africa is a country in crisis. The AIDS/HIV epidemic in conjunction with extreme poverty has resulted in thousands of orphan children desperate for care. Our meals will support sustainable development farm communities which are home for thousands of Malawi’s orphans. Residents within these communities learn sustainable practices for water resources, agriculture, renewable energy and microeconomics with a goal of long-term self-sustainment.

Your contribution of time and financial resources will be a stepping stone to a future of self-sufficiency and hope.


We need your hands! Large and small, young and old. Many Hands Many Meals welcomes all ages to join the mission for Malawi. There are a variety of volunteer options available. Find a spot that fits your gifts and interest!

Meal Packing Team - Scoop, weigh, seal, repeat! Fill bags with rice, soy, veggies and vitamins and send them down the line!

Packing Support Team - Are you an experienced meal packer ready to try something new? Grab a shift on the packing support team. A variety of talents is needed to fill these crucial roles.

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Your financial partnership is vital to provide the raw materials needed for nutritious meals. Just $100 is enough to pack and ship enough food to feed a family for one month while $500 will fund and entire Packathon station for a full 2 hour shift.

Thank you for contributing your best gift to help uplift sustainable development communities in Malawi.

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