Sunday School 2015

The sun was shining as the children of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church prepared to serve to the max!  The classes entered Luther Hall armed with hairnets and hand sanitizer ready to battle hunger.  For 45 minutes, they worked hard filling boxes with food.  As the church service ended, they joined with congregation members standing in two lines to carry the boxes from the packing room to the pallet in Atrium. This is the same way that groups who recieve our food in Haiti transport food from their storeroom to trucks that will deliver food to remote areas in Haiti.  As the boxes seem to endlessly keep coming down the line, you realize just how hard these kids worked in their short time during class.  The Mount Calvary Lutheran Sunday School packing event is always a highlight.

Kids Against Hunger- West Metro thanks them for their time and donations!

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UNICEF reported that Malawi is facing the worst food crisis in nine years. The problem began last year during widespread flooding followed by a severe drought caused by El Nino. An estimated 2.8 million people are at risk of hunger. The majority of those people live in rural areas and rely almost exclusively

on farming. Compounding this crisis, the value of Malawi's currency has dropped causing sharp inflation of food prices, up to 200% on maize, a staple in the Malawian diet.