Excelsior Elementary 2015

Kids Against Hunger... (My experience)

by Regan M

When I scooped up the vegetables and dumped them into the bag it made me feel good.  It made me feel like I was making a big difference and I was, I was saving a life.

Kids Against Hunger West Metro is basically everywhere from southeast Minneapolis to San Diego.  You can volunteer to pack food or you do it as a field trip at school!  You put veggies, rice, soyprotien, and chicken powder into into one little bag, then you weigh the bag and add rice if you need to, after you seal the bag, then you pack it into a box along with other bags.  Packing food is quite fun and simple.  :)

In the starting of May my class went to pack at Mount Calvary Church.  When we got there we were put into stations and we started to pack food. First started with the vegetablesbut after a few minutes we rotated clockwise.  After an hour we packed 4,000 bags of food!  I was really happy and I couldn't wait to pack food again. When I pack food, it makes me feel really good and like my classmates and I are making a difference!  :)  :)


Kids Against Hunger- West Metro thanks Regan for her recap of the event.  We thank the parent volunteers who helped us run this large event and all of the students for their passionate packing and their outstanding fundraising this year!

To view more photos of this event, please visit our photo website


UNICEF reported that Malawi is facing the worst food crisis in nine years. The problem began last year during widespread flooding followed by a severe drought caused by El Nino. An estimated 2.8 million people are at risk of hunger. The majority of those people live in rural areas and rely almost exclusively

on farming. Compounding this crisis, the value of Malawi's currency has dropped causing sharp inflation of food prices, up to 200% on maize, a staple in the Malawian diet.

ICM Philippines

International Care Ministries (ICM) has been serving the ultrapoor in the Philippines since 1992. In partnership with community leaders from thousands of slum communities, ICM delivers programs that transform the lives of more than 100,000 destitute people each year.