Clear Springs Elementary Family Service Night 2015

Families of Clear Springs Elementary gathered together to pack 10,000 meals for those in need...or so they thought.  The event began with a small trickle of families entering the cafeteria set up with packing stations.  They found a spot at a station and got to work.  Slowly the trickle became a gush and the entire room was full of families working together for the greater good.  This is when we ran into a good problem.  The families wanting to do good kept streaming in.  In order to accomodate the large number of those wanting to serve, some families bowed out early to allow other families a chance to pack and some of the stronger boys stepped out from the packing stations to help replenish the stations with ingredients.  The group was hoping to pack 10,000 meals, but through their enthusiam and overflowing desire to serve they packed an amazing 14,472 meals!

Kids Against Hunger- West Metro was excited to return to their family service night and thanks them for their excitement and hard work to support our mission.

To view more photos of this event, please visit our photo website


UNICEF reported that Malawi is facing the worst food crisis in nine years. The problem began last year during widespread flooding followed by a severe drought caused by El Nino. An estimated 2.8 million people are at risk of hunger. The majority of those people live in rural areas and rely almost exclusively

on farming. Compounding this crisis, the value of Malawi's currency has dropped causing sharp inflation of food prices, up to 200% on maize, a staple in the Malawian diet.