2017-05-25 and 26 Excelsior Elementary School

We are thrilled to partner with Excelsior Elementary School to pack life saving meals with their third, fourth and fifth graders + Navigators.  What a community spirited service project! This epic event spanned two days.  The students and volunteers were amazing!  Many thanks to Ms. Julie Mattson, who coordinated the event on behalf of Excelsior Elementary and the Excelsior PTO.  We can't wait to do it again!  EXCELSIOR ROCKS!


    8:00 AM Setup
    9:35 AM Excelsior Elementary Students Arrive
                       4th/5th Grade Navigators Alowonle & Cluck
                       5th Graders Ketel, Kitt, Lemke, Li, Qian
11:00 AM Excelsior Students Depart

   9:30 AM Replenish Stations
   9:50 AM Excelsior Elementary Students Arrive = 4th Graders Frye, Hansen, Huang, Igl, Sun
 11:20 AM Group Departs
                  Lunch Break
 12:55 PM Excelsior Elementary Students Arrive
                       2nd/3rd Grade Navigators Cummings & Perius
                       3rd Gr Amand, Broten, Li, Harding, Reisenhauer
 2:20 PM   Excelsior Students Depart
 2:20-3:30 Cleanup