2017-05-25 and 26 Excelsior Elementary School

We are thrilled to partner with Excelsior Elementary School to pack life saving meals with their third, fourth and fifth graders + Navigators.  What a community spirited service project! This epic event will span over two days.

Help is needed to make this event successful.  Click the SignUpGenius button to join the fun.  (Note: The Excelsior Elementary Parent Leader also has a signup.)

Here's the schedule:

    8:00 AM Setup
    9:35 AM Excelsior Elementary Students Arrive
                       4th/5th Grade Navigators Alowonle & Cluck
                       5th Graders Ketel, Kitt, Lemke, Li, Qian
11:00 AM Excelsior Students Depart

   9:30 AM Replenish Stations
   9:50 AM Excelsior Elementary Students Arrive = 4th Graders Frye, Hansen, Huang, Igl, Sun
 11:20 AM Group Departs
                  Lunch Break
 12:55 PM Excelsior Elementary Students Arrive
                       2nd/3rd Grade Navigators Cummings & Perius
                       3rd Gr Amand, Broten, Li, Harding, Reisenhauer
 2:20 PM   Excelsior Students Depart
 2:20-3:30 Cleanup