Orphanage receives KAH from naval shipment

taken from Children's International Lifeline Blog 9/30/10

Handing out the Kid's Against Hunger food

Today we were able to pass out some of the Kids Against Hunger food that we just received from the shipment that the US Navy brought us Monday. God was faithful once again to provide what we were in need of just in time. A man came to us today who has an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. He has 150 orphans and school is getting ready to begin and he will be feeding even more children! Praise God we just got that shipment of food in and we were able to help him feed his orphans for one month. We are so grateful for the Kids Against Hunger food that helps provide nourishment and nutrition for so many children who so desperately need it.

Mission Trip - Haiti

A Haitian woman cooking food packed by Kids Against Hunger - West Metro volunteers

In June 2009, a group of 12 missionaries from Mount Calvary Lutheran Church traveled to Children's Lifeline International in La Digue, Haiti.  They personally witnessed the food packed at Mount Calvary being cooked.  They had the joy of serving it directly to the children and the reward of seeing what an impact the food has made with the children who are fortunate enough to receive it.  They also had the heartache of witnessing other children whose red tinged hair and distended bellies showed the clear signs of malnutrition.  There is still so much work to be done there.  Therefore, we have made a goal to increase the number of meals packed at KAH-WM this year. We hope you will join us in our goal to help these children of God.

A Haitian child eating food provided by Kids Against Hunger - West Metro

Volunteer Christopher Anderson blogged about the group's trip to Haiti.  "We hope we will keep these memories strong in our hearts, so we will stay driven to take action to help these people in the future," he wrote.  "We hope our trip can inspire others to help as well, by offering donations, and even more so by taking a mission trip themselves."  

In addition to witnessing that the food KAH packs gets to where it's needed, the travelers helped assemble and deliver water filtration systems, built and delivered benches for schools, painted the school director's office building, handed out love bundles, visited orphanages, and delivered tents to the homeless.  

Read more about their trip here

Song of Thanks

The children in Haiti constantly sang songs to us. This was their way of thanking us. I wanted to post one here. It is my way of passing along their heartfelt thanks to you for your time and donations which make such a difference in their lives.


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