We are thrilled to partner with Excelsior Elementary School to pack life saving meals with their third, fourth and fifth graders + Navigators.  What a community spirited service project!

The 8th grader of Minnetonka Middle School East Class of 2021 came to pack life saving meals.  We were excited to have them join us...all 400+ of them!  They arrived in three shifts to pack meals. 

We were excited to have the student leadership group from Deephaven Elementary School bike over and pack with us for their annual service project. 

Clear Springs Elementary students, families, alumns, and friends gathered for their annual family service event to pack meals and save lives!

What a great way to start a spring day!

We were happy to return to the House of Prayer (HOP) Lutheran Church in Richfield for another exciting mobile packing event.  This marked our fourth annual packing event with HOP.

We were thrilled to see the return of the Lake Minnetonka Excelsior Rotary Club (LMERC), also known as the "morning club," on Wednesday, March 22.  Over 40 Rotarians attended in lieu of their regul

We enjoyed the return of St.

We had a grand time packing with new friends, Boy Scouts, family and leaders of Troop 409 along students from Minnetonka High School (including a Girl Scout).

The February mini-pack was EPIC!  We had three full stations bustling with packers from the Minnetonka High School National Honor Society, a local 7-8 years old girls' hockey team and their familie

We were met with open arms at Hilltop Primary School in Mound on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

The Excelsior Rotary Noon Club donned their aprons and packed 4,536 meals to kick off 2017. We appreciate all that our local Rotarians do.

THANK YOU to the Minnetonka High School Girls Soccer Team for joining us for their community service efforts.  What an amazing group of volunteers - so proud to have these gals in our community.  W

THANK YOU to the hundreds and hundreds of volunteers and our fabulous sponsors for our HUGE success with the 2016 Packathon.  Over 350,000 life-saving meals were packed for children and familes in

A crew of 52 volunteers from Optum came on September 13, 2016, and packed 18,360 meals before they had their company outing on nearby Lake Minnetonka.  Way to go!

The Tonka Mud Run is even more fun than it sounds. It features a maze, sand castle building, and a mud bath.

Even small people can make a big difference!

Fourth and Fifth graders from Deephaven Elementary packed over 9,500 meals in under two hours during a great service field trip!

Third, Fourth and Fifth graders from Excelsior Elementary along their teachers, paraprofessional and many parents celebrated learning through service by packing 56,376 meals!

KAHWM Thanks you for your time and donations. To view more photos of this event, please visit our photo website

Fourth graders, parents and teachers from Cologne Academy filled four stations to pack almost 15,000 meals! Service to others is a great way to teach gratitude. These kids did a fantastic job!

Clear Springs Elementary School in Minnetonka held an Open House packing event.

Mt. Calvary Sunday School students, parents and teachers packed over 14,000 meals over two days of service!

KAHWM took this event on the road to a hand bell workshop in Plymouth! Kids Ring packed meal for a community service project during their musical event!

KAHWM Thanks you for your time and donations. To view more photos of this event, please visit our photo website

A community of packers came together including folks from Special Angels and United Methodist came together for our April Monthly packing event!

A great event for the preschoolers and volunteers at the Mt. Calvary Preschool. Thirteen little ones, six adult helpers and three of our KAH-WM team leads packed almost 1,300 in just 45 minutes!

Seventh and eighth graders from Amos & Celia Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School packed over 8,000 meals! Great work in service to others!

St. Croix Lutheran middle schoolers were efficient packers and packed over 23,000 meals for their service field trip.

Two Minnetonka Youth Hockey teams packed meals for their Teams in Service projects. Fun cheers and a little healthy competition made for a successful event.

Sometimes things are just meant to be.

KAHWM Thanks you for your time and donations.

We did it!  361,152 Meals packed for Haiti and the Philippines at the eleventh annual West Metro Pack-a-thon! "Be a hero, feed the world!"

On August 24th, UnitedHealthcare employees gathered at Mount Calvary to pack numerous boxes of food.

Optum's division of technology came to pack meals with us. It is one of the team building sessions they do throughout the year.

On July 18th, siblings Chase, Kaitlyn, and Olivia came to spend their birthdays helping to feed people across the world.

Today, the Deephaven Elementary Student Leadership group, 41 in all, enjoyed a picture-perfect day biking to Excelsior to pack meals for Kids Against Hunger. They were accompanied by Mr.

Students from Clearwater Middle School chose to pack meals at Kids Against Hunger- West Metro from a long list of activities on their Exploratory Day.

The fourth graders at Cologne Academy came dressed in their green college t-shirts to help pack food.  They were some of the most polite kids that have walked through our doors.

Kids Against Hunger... (My experience)

by Regan M

Families of Clear Springs Elementary gathered together to pack 10,000 meals for those in need...or so they thought.

The sun was shining as the children of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church prepared to serve to the max!  The classes entered Luther Hall armed with hairnets and hand sanitizer ready to battle hunger.

Congregation members at House of Prayer Lutheran Church shared a night of fellowship and service.

As thick clumps of falling snow interrupted the first week of spring, members of the Wayzata Free church braved the weather to pack meals.

On Saturday, March 7th, four groups combined forces to pack as many meals as they could in two hours.

This birthday parrty of young packers packed 3672 meals!

KAH-WM thanks them for sharing their birthday celebration with us!

While many students saw January 19th as a day off, the 85 students from Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School used the time in a very different way.

The Excelsior Rotary Club is always one of our favorite groups to pack with.

Summer can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  For two groups of students on summer break at MME, it means rolling up your sleeves and helping others.

Summer can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  For two groups of students on summer break at MME, it means rolling up your sleeves and helping others.