• Kids Against Hunger - West Metro worked with World Compassion to feed Syrian refugees in Iraq
Koya Kurdistan

In 2012, West Metro worked with World Compassion to distribute food to Syrian refugees in Iraq.  Jeff Geuder of World Compassion wrote,

These refugees have fled Syria with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  They have left jobs, homes and other family members, arriving in Kurdistan northern Iraq desperate for housing, food, clothing and the basics of life/family.

We are targeting a smaller camp in the Koya area that serves about 3,000 people.  We have already distributed food to this camp in February, June and September of this year.  We work closely with a church in this area of Kurdistan and they coordinate the distribution as well as foilow-up with the families in the camp.  The pastor and his church package the food based on family size and need.  We include the nutritional rice along with other staple foods with an amount to help them for about one month.